Disrupting the antiquated workflows plaguing fund administration.

Valence, powered by Vector, is our proprietary, cloud-based platform that is revolutionizing fund administration. Created by industry experts, our platform is shifting the way teams work by vastly improving historical fund accounting processes.

We believe software made to replace accountants is flawed; our approach is to develop software that enhances the service-first model.

Valence is designed to:

  • Streamline the work done by our staff to eliminate burdensome, Excel-based processes and reduce burnout and incidents of human error;

  • Utilize a general ledger as the single source of truth, honoring the fundamental rule of database management –to leverage accounting data versus duplicating efforts;

  • Reduce friction between stakeholders by providing access to data through an intuitive and nimble platform; and

  • Allow for complex reporting that has historically been prohibitively difficult to accomplish using existing applications or Excel-based processes.

We give our clients access to accurate data and untapped reporting functionality – all while delivering the exceptional service expected from your fund administrator.

Key Functionality:


Molly Yakubian

ceo & Managing Partner

Based in Boston, Molly has spent her career in the alternative investment industry, both as a consultant advising fund managers on regulatory compliance matters, and in business development roles working with managers to solve challenges related to compliance, technology, performance, ESG, cybersecurity and risk, and back office outsourcing. Molly graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in finance and is a CAIA Level II candidate.

Having worked both in-house at a private equity shop, as well as in consultative roles with hundreds of managers across a wide spectrum of industry challenges, Molly developed a passion for problem-solving, a commitment to enablement, and ambition for creating synergies between fund managers and service providers.

When not working, Molly spends her time with her three young children, and their family rescue dog, Lani, whom she loves to take for trail runs.

Matthew Wheeler

Founder & CEO

Matt is an alternative investment industry veteran with a passion for helping others – whether it’s assisting fund managers operate their funds, investors track their investments, team members develop their careers or service providers expand their practice. Matt and his team are working hard to build an industry-leading technology solution that brings these parties together.

An Ontario, Canada native, Matt graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in business. He went on to earn the CPA designation before spending time in the Cayman Islands auditing alternative investment funds. Prior to starting Vector AIS (Alternative Investment Services), Matt was a director in the San Francisco office of a premier closed-end fund administrator where he led teams administering various investment strategies, including some of the biggest names in the venture capital industry.

Matt is obsessed with efficiency and enjoys designing elegant solutions to complex problems. He is an adventure seeker who loves hitting the slopes and single-track bike trails. He’s also into adventure travel, including jungle hiking and street food tours. In his down time, he likes to cook or read a book. Matt is currently based out of San Francisco.